Heartland Wins Audience Choice Award at Oscar qualifying Indy Shorts Film Fest!

Jahmil Eady’s live-action short film Heartland shares a story of a woman who tries to make and save memories of her grandfather. This brilliant film, which is AudPop’s Women’s Film Challenge 1st Place Winner, received its World premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Santa Barbara International Film Festival, screened at Indy Shorts International Film Festival: Heartland Film where it won an 2021 Audience Choice Award and it will be screening at Blackstar Film Festival where it has been nominated for a 2021 Lionsgate/Starz Award for Best Speculative Fiction.

A woman attempts to immortalize her dying grandfather using virtual reality technology, but her obsession with documenting drives a wedge between them.

Director Jahmil Eady worked as an associate producer on documentary projects for Oprah Winfrey Network, Viceland, and Discovery Network. Since transitioning into narrative screenwriting and directing, she has continued to create socially-minded character-driven stories. Most recently, Eady wrote and directed The Bond (In Post-Production). The Bond, which follows an incarcerated pregnant woman, garnered the support of Academy Award winner Matthew Cherry, venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton, and Broadway producer Diana DiMenna. Jahmil is committed to telling stories not only entertain but also inspire, inform, and heal.

Producer Selena Leoni is currently a Producer fellow in Film Independent’s Project Involve 2021 and works as an independent producer. She has several projects currently in development, and her most recent credits include Wayfarer Studios’ feature film Smile or Hug and Bryant Griffin’s feature debut Young Kings. Selena’s interests lie in developing globalized character-driven stories that give underrepresented groups a platform and a voice.

Cinematographer Jacqueline Chan is a 3rd year MFA director and cinematographer at UCLA. Born and raised in the minority-majority city of San Francisco, Jacqueline is interested in the stories of those around her—whose lives are so vivid but are rarely seen. Interested in these complicated and contradictory histories, she hopes to encapsulate a cinema that is at once unique to a kind of Asian-American experience and yet universally relatable.

Heartland is currently screening at LA Shorts International Film Festival from July 1st – July 31st. It will be screening at BlackStar Film Festival from August 4th – August 8th.


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