REVIEW – Mulan Fu’s animated short film BEAUTIFUL is magical

Mulan Fu is triple threat, as she is an animator, director and composer! Her short film BEAUTIFUL has been selected for numerous high profile film festivals and most recently Indyshorts International Film Festival.

This lovely little film shares the beautiful relationship between a mother and daughter, that unbreakable bond and all that comes with that. Watching the girl try to walk in her mothers big shoes and hearing her giggle is heartwarming. When the mother gets sick the daughter is forced to see her deteriorate in front of her eyes, we don’t want to give a spoiler on the. ending but this lovely film but be sure to grab a box of tissues and see your smile bloom through your tears!

Mulan Fu’s BEAUTIFUL is a magical little film that will touch any viewer, we know this amazing film will go far and so will this talented young director! It isn’t surprising that this lovely animation has been winning awards all over the country!

Director Mulan Fu’s touching film shares a story of mother and daughter, the film explores the transformative power of resilience and questions current beauty standards. This animated short film has already won an abundance of awards including the Student Character based Short Winner at the Los Angeles Animation Festival, the National Board of Review Student Grant Winner, the First Run Film Festival Top Prize and many more. BEAUTIFUL has been selected to screen at IndyShorts International Film Festival.

Mulan Fu is an award-winning filmmaker, animator, and illustrator currently based in New York City and Shanghai. She has recently graduated from the Film and Television major at New York University Tisch School of the Arts and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in educational game design at Teachers College Columbia University. As a storyteller, Mulan is intrigued by the visual richness of Chinese mythologies and the emotional depth of touching familial stories. She aims to explore and promote the Chinese cultural identity through charming and unique tales that have the potentials to bridge the East and the West. Growing up in Asia and studying abroad in Europe and North America, she finds passion in discovering captivating stories along her travels and sharing them with the world through the magical medium of animation.

Mulan Fu also composed the stunning music for the film. Just some of the festivals BEAUTIFUL has been selected for include Woodstock Film Festival, American Documentary and Animation Festival, Anrimation Dingle, Los Angeles Animation Festival, Hollywood Verge Film Awards, AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival, Spark Animation (where the film was a semi-finalist) and more.


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