Roderick Lawrence’ SILENT PARTNER is an impactful short film about systemic racism and social justice

“I am just trying to do what’s best for us”. A very familiar sentence for everyone but what would you consider the best for yourself? Having a great success in your career… comfort…legacy…silence…or legitimacy. The path you choose will determine who you will be in the future. Sadly, in today’s world not everyone has the privilege to choose. Black man and women are held back by others because of systemic racism that has built in America. People often stay silent to do what is best for them. Being aware of this, Roderick Lawrence brought his point of view on social justice and systemic racism to the audience with director Aristotle Torres through SILENT PARTNER

The film follows an accomplished, Black trial attorney who was pressured to defend a white woman charged with murdering a Black teen by his white-shoe law firm. After winning this controversial case, the Black attorney questions the legitimacy of his recent promotion. He is aware of the reason why he was assigned to this case and getting a promotion; however, he either must stay silent for his family’s sake or stand up for the legitimacy of the situation.

This short film stars Roderick Lawrence (BROAD CITY), Kara Young (AMAZON’S CHEMICAL HEARTS), and the multiple Emmy winning actor Michael Park (STRANGER THINGS). The stunning cinematography was created by Eric Branco (40-YEAR-OLD VERSION). He uses close shots to amplify the Black attorney’s and his wife’s emotions and questionings towards the ongoing racism around them. If we combine this with the incredible acting of the cast, the film deepens the emotions and struggles of Black man and women in a racist society even more. Roderick Lawrence gives a wonderful performance on a film which we hope will get people talking about this important subject.

SILENT PARTNER will receive its world premiere at Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival from 6-14th of August, it will be shown on August 10 in BLK #18, 11am – 12:30pm. Following it will be shown at Columbus Black International Film Festival (Aug. 27-28), the NY Latino Film Festival presented by WarnerMedia (Sep. 13-19 in NYC), Catalina Film Festival (Sep. 17-19; Sep. 24-26; premiere date is Sep. 18 in Block 4, 5-7pm) and the Detroit Black Film Festival (Sep. 23-26). 

We hope that SILENT PARTNER will get the attention it deserves because, in the end, being a SILENT bystander to the oppression makes you equally a part of the problem.


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