FRIMAS directed by Oscar Nominee Marianne Farley has a real shot at the 2022 Academy Awards

Abortion is a very sensitive topic all around the world. Every country has its own abortion law. Some allow it at later stages of pregnancy, some allow till 10 weeks and some ban completely. If you live in a country that forbids abortions completely, it can be a life or death situation to get an abortion. In FRIMAS director and writer Marianne Farley focuses on the struggles of women when they decide to get an abortion in a country that completely bans abortion. Farley was nominated for a an Oscar for her previous film Margueritte.

Kara (Karine Gonthier-Hyndman) is pregnant. After learning her baby is going to be disabled, she decides to get an abortion. However, her country completely banns it therefore; she has no choice other than doing it illegally. But this comes with its own risks where she gets her abortion in a moving truck full of animal meats. It is for you to find out if everything goes as it’s planned? Did Kara lie about something? Did she get caught?

FRIMAS stars Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, Chantal Baril, Kent McQuaid, Alex Bisping, Christian Jadah and Jean-Moïse Martin. The cast’s incredible acting makes the audience to understand what KARA is going through and her struggles throughout the process. Starting from the moment of her decision till after the abortion, the audience can see the emotional and physical impact of this situation on her. The horrifying thing about this film is that, it has become a reality for many after the Texas abortion ban. Although the film was shot before the news, now women may experience this situation in real life.

Everyone should watch this film to understand the import of the issue. 

FIRMAS has qualified to be considered for a 2022 Academy Award. The film premiered at Cinéfest Sudbury in Ontario. Following, it screen at Off-Courts Trouville, Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival and Regard Festival. Soon, FRIMAS can be seen at Mill Valley Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Miami Short Film Festival and Asiana International Short Film Festival. We hope that FRIMAS will get the attention it deserves.

This important film deserves all the attention it gets, not only is it topical, the cinematography is stunning, the directing impeccable and the acting divine! We hope FRIMAS and the director Marianne Farley get the Oscar glory they deserve!

Burcu Elci


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