Triangle focuses on a psychological experiment between 3 strangers with an unexpected twist 

Péter Engelmann’s short film Triangle focuses on three strangers whose relationship with each other is defined by 36 questions. This powerful sci-fi pseudo-documentary drama screened at The Shortest Nights Film Festival (Short Sighted Cinema), it has been shortlisted for the 2021 BAFTA Student Film Award and was nominated for Best UK Short Fiction Award at the 2021 Barnes Film Festival. Triangle will be having its North American and International premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Indy Shorts International Film Festival: Heartland Film this month.

The story follows three strangers who – based on a 1997 psychological experiment on the bonds of friendship – are about to become friends for life, separated only by 36 questions…

Director/Producer/Editor/Writer Péter Engelmann is a Hungarian filmmaker with a background in Psychology. Engelmann made his first narrative short film #HELP in 2015 – a 20-minutes satirical thriller about people living in pseudo-reality – that went on to receive several awards and nominations at international film festivals and screened at the Oscar-qualifying Durban International Film Festival. In September 2019, Péter moved to the UK to study MA Film Practice at the Arts University Bournemouth, where as part of his second semester, he directed, shot and edited a 4-and 7-minutes social short film about domestic violence and planned suicide. During his last semester, he shot his graduation film Triangle, a drama about the dark realms of the human mind. Triangle was shortlisted for the 2021 BAFTA Student Film Awards and is now currently qualified for BIFA and the Student Academy Awards.

Co-producer Janka Gyapai simultaneously produces and works in the production department of international blockbusters shot in Hungary, Hungarian television series, and commercials. Her very first produced short film was Péter Engelmann’s #HELP. In 2018, her feature length screenplay project Alice won the support of the National Film Institute and her indie short Mei-Mirage won the 2021 Zsigmond Vilmos Cinematographer Award. 

Cinematographer Csaba Bántó is a Hungarian cinematographer who started his film studies in Kolozsvár, Transilvania. After graduating with an MA in Cinematography at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest, he has been involved in different projects including short films, documentaries, music videos and feature films. He won awards for his Cinematography work including the 2020 Hungarian Cinematographer award for his work on Két csík(Two lines) at the Kovács László-Zsigmond Vilmos Cinematography Competition and the 2018 Critics Award for Cinematography the short film Welcome at the Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival. A feature film he worked on It’s Not The Time Of My Life won a Crystal Globe at the 2016 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Triangle will be screening at Indy Shorts International Film Festival: Heartland Film this month from July 20 – July 25th. It will also be screening at SHOTS Film Festival from August 5th – August 7th.


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