Tightly Wound is nothing short of courageous

Once you watch this short film, you will admire the bravery of this woman, the warrior that lives within her. Shelby speaks about a condition that women live with but due to the nature of it and where it happens (down there), people might be too prude to discuss a real condition that affects people daily. But not Shelby.  Shelby is helping other women who are also suffering from this condition and educating women who have either never heard of this condition or knew of this condition but didn’t know or understand the depths of it.

Tightly Wound – Trailer from Shelby Hadden on Vimeo.

Tightly Wound is about a young woman who, through excellent animation, talks about her experience with Vaginismus; chronic pelvic pain which has led to female sexual dysfunction, showing how health professionals have failed her, how men have rejected her and how shame, anger, and hatred have plagued through her body.

Everything she speaks about is visualized on screen, from the first moment she discovered she suffered from Vaginismus, how she would hide her body by wearing big puffy dresses, isolating herself so she won’t have to go swimming with friends, her doctor’s appointments etc. This is fantastically done as it helps the audience to emphasize with her and really see what she went through. Your emotions will come alive, especially when she recounts the times she felt worthless like something was wrong with her as if she wasn’t worthy…

This animated documentary is so honest, raw and very educational. Without a doubt, this is 5-star quality. My heart goes out to the women who suffer from Vaginismus and I hope this film lets them know they are not alone. Everything will be ok. Just look at Shelby 😉

This animated documentary is so honest, raw and very educational.


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