Robin Hays’ ‘Post No Bills makes your heart melt

Every now and again you find a little film that makes you smile from ear to ear, this can be said of Robin Hays’ ‘Post No Bills’. It is surprising to know that this beautifully animated film is her very first animation.  From the moment you set your eyes on Noodle Boy, you can’t take your eyes off the screen and feel your smile getting bigger. As the sun begins to rise, a city worker arrives to cover the posters on a wall, just as Noodle Boy comes to life.  Will he escape before he is painted over? We will let you find out, but we know this film is going to go a long way in the animated film world. A very well deserved 5 stars!

Robin Hays’ award-winning animation Post No Billsselected for Seattle International Film Festival

POST NO BILLS from HAYS on Vimeo.

Having only just begun its festival run Post No Bills is already winning awards and has been selected for numerous high profile film festivals. With such success in a short time, it might be surprising to hear that Post No Bills is Hays’ first animated project. This playful film is about to screen at Seattle International Film Festival.

On an urban city wall plastered with posters Noodle Boy must face his fears and make his way through a series of obstacles and challenges in order to save the beautiful Miss Fortune from the city’s clean up crew.

Robin Hays is known for bringing her projects to life with verve, humanity and a cinematic sensibility. “E.T. was the first movie I saw in the theatre. Being so young I couldn’t fully track the story although I remember how it made me feel. I love to take an idea and turn it into something tangible that evokes emotion and can be shared.”

Her commercial work has been selected and showcased at festivals and award shows including; Shots Young Director’s Showcase in Cannes and The Shoot Young Director’s Awards in New York. She has worked with global brands such as Visa, Adidas, Honda, Nestle, Danon, Pfizer and Lowes.

Robin teamed up with BAFTA nominated cinematographer Trent Opaloch to create the look and feel of Post No Bills. His credits include District 9, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War and Infinity War. Longtime friend, Andy Poon Co-Director/Art Director who is an in-demand art director on such properties as Stormhawks, Hotwheels, Arrow and Slugterra was instrumental in bringing Noodle Boy and Miss Fortune to life.

Noodle Boy and Miss Fortune are having fun on the festival circuit! Post No Bills has been selected for; The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, TIFF Kids International Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, Austin Film Festival and the SCAD Savannah Film Festival. This wonderful film has won best animated short film at The Burbank International Film Festival, Holly Shorts Film Festival, the Studio City Film Festival, Sulmona International Film Festival and the Omaha Film Festival.

Post No Bills will screen at Seattle International Film Festival on Saturday May 26th at 11:30am at the Uptown Theatre.


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