Oscar Contender: An Irish Goodbye directed by duo Tom Berkeley and Ross White

A film review by Sonya McCloud

There is no other way to put it, this film is first-class. Writers and directors Tom Berkely and Ross White have taken a very tragic moment in the life of a family and turned it into a beautiful, pulling-at-the-heartstrings black comedy.

Father O’Shea, played by Paddy Jenkins is the epitome of an Irish priest, he is sincere and genuine in sharing both grief and happiness as well as having a fantastic Irish wit that produces unexpected and very out-of-the-box conversations.

Seamus O’Hara as Turlough is the son that left Ireland for a better life, however coming back to grieve the passing of his mother and complete the necessary formalities, he indulges in the wishes of his brother Lorcan, played by James Martin who has Down’s Syndrome. Seamus O’Hara as Turlough is truly wonderful, he shows compassion and patience with his brother Lorcan; the interaction with his brother is so genuine, it can only have been gained if a person has lived with a family member with Down Syndrome. A remarkable performance.

James Martin is the brother of Lorcan who has Down’s Syndrome; the remorse and heartache at the passing of his mother are portrayed with a genuineness that truly melts the heart of the viewer.

I enjoyed watching this film so much that I watched it a second time and still found it funny and so very touching, the Oscar Shortlisting is well deserved and they should be due the Oscar.


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