OSCAR CONTENDER: ALMOST HOME the first Sci-Fi Short film to be Oscar Shortlisted

A film review by Jamie Richardson

Writers Nils Keller and Max Richert have created a masterful script, that is well-written with an intriguing plot of a family suffering from homesickness, however, the storyline takes it further and explores coming-of-age themes and life in space.

Director of photography Georg Nikolaus must be commended for the outstanding cinematography; the use of creative lighting, the space environment, and the very real effect of zero gravity and people floating about. The contrast between Earth and space, one full of colour and pulsating with life whilst the other desolate and alone is stark and causes one to stop and realise how much we take for granted.

Susanne Wolff, Jeremias Meyer, and Stephan Kampwirth are outstanding in their roles, dealing with the dilemma that they face with superb realism and sympathy.

I must make a mention of the technology deployed especially the holograms as a means of communication, whilst the concept has been around for some time however using it in the film as something that is a norm gives it a realism that the viewer accepts without any qualms.

The short film ‘Almost Home’ is well worth watching and most definitely deserves its Oscar shortlisting.


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