OSCAR SHORT FILM REVIEW: LAIKA & NEMO – Friendship can make the world a brighter place

A film review by Jamie Richardson

Writer Jan Gadermann who co-directs with Sebastian Gadow took the theme of a good person being bullied and mocked and blended it into a stop-motion animation movie. The result is true brilliance at its best. 

True to form the stop motion movie is silent with occasional vocal noise; what stood out the most was the story is told largely through facial expression and action. 

Being different is a lonely place, however, a chance encounter with a like-minded person bursts the bubble of misery and heartache for both persons – I am not alone – the years of solitude and ridicule melt away and a bond is formed between the two that is forever.

The animation is a formidable work; it is evident that it is a labour of passion, dedication and a realisation that the finished article is Oscar material.   


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