Oscar Qualifying ENJOY: The Delicate Issue Of Mental Well Being

A film review by Jamie Richardson

Mental well-being is a sensitive and difficult topic that filmmakers are exploring a lot more.

Saul Abraham’s short film Enjoy, is a wonderful perspective on depression, while it doesn’t provide any solution or remedy to the medical condition, it does highlight that a glimmer can come from unlikely sources. The film is produced in the genre of a dark comedy as the three central characters in their own inimitable way open a small window that sets them on the path to triumph over adverse circumstances.

The cinematography mixes low-level lighting and the bright colours worn by the characters with excellent effect, highlighting the mood and how each actor is coping with their condition, the lido and the rich blue of the water is a quirky take on a blue and clear sky and open mind thinking.

The film is enjoyable to watch, it is heart-warming and leaves the viewer with a wonderful feeling of, dare I say ‘joy.’


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