CIFF – Eitan Pitigliani’s SISSY is like medicine for the soul

Losing someone close to you is one of the greatest pains a person can endure. The award-winning short film “Sissy” follows the story of Luca, who lost his mother and has been struggling to come to terms with her passing. What sets this film aside from all others is the fact that this is based on the director Eitan Pitigliani’s story of losing his mother, and the little girl in the film who plays “Sissy” is the young girl who saved Eitan after he turned to drugs to cover his pain. 

Eitan Pitigliani has done an outstanding job directing this film and it can’t have been an easy film for him to make as it’s so close to his heart.  The film is a beautiful, loving tribute to his mother, the fact that the little girl who plays Pitigliani’s mother is the girl who saved him in real life.

“Sissy” will touch your heart, if you are struggling to move on after losing a loved one then this film is like medicine for the soul, it highlights the fact that whoever it is you’ve lost would not want to see you fail and fall to the ground. In fact, it would fill their spirit with light to know that they may not be around to witness you grow but they can see the wonderful being you are turning out to be and with this, in your heart, your loved ones may have left but are not forgotten. 

If you get the chance to watch this spectacular short film at the Cleveland Film Festival, I can promise you will not regret it and if you can’t get to the festival you don’t have to miss this incredible film as they are streaming it online.

The director Eitan Pitigliani is talented and a name to watch! “Sissy” is uplifting in the most unique way, a must-see beautiful film that we know you will love!

Regina Mahmood


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