CIFF – Colton Mastro’s DELIVERY is a well-crafted film that won’t leave your mind long after the credits roll

Whether you are a thriller lover or not you need to watch “Delivery” which is co-directed by Colton Mastro and Eric Jackowitz. The story follows whom we think is a harmless delivery boy Charlie who although looks sweet and innocent is actually dark, sinister and a little creepy. Behind those hazel eyes lies a deep dark secret.

Watch the trailer here

Colton and Eric have outdone themselves with this short film. “Delivery” will give you chills, especially the parts where Charlie is effectively and effortlessly stalking his next victim. Colton who also plays the role of Charlie is such a fantastic actor, he really does make your skin crawl and I mean that in the best way possible! He pulls off the difficult talk of playing a character who is endearing and at the same time a little weird. Both Colton and Eric are masters of their craft. They have carefully crafted and directed each character to be so different, but at the same time have a certain familiarity about them. The colors in the film really pop adding a sinister vibe where needed and a lighter feeling in other scenes. 

If you are at Cleveland Film Festival this year this is a film you do not want to miss and if you can’t watch it at the festivals, CIFF are also streaming it online.

Watch this brilliant film and well crafted film, not only will you enjoy it you will be thinking about it long after the credits roll.

Regina Mahmood


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