Mark Rosenblatt’s GANEF features beautiful cinematography and exceptional acting

A little girl, spooked by a dark tale from her mother’s Holocaust past, starts to believe her adored house cleaner is a sinister thief.

Director & Writer Mark Rosenblatt’s period live-action short film Ganef focuses on a young girl who starts to believe her family cleaner is a thief. The film features Downton Abbey’s Sophie McShera.

Rosenblatt was inspired to write this story after his own family’s Holocaust survival. The film subtly explores with great sensitivity the impact of inherited trauma and how it distorts the most delicate things. Essentially exploring how unresolved emotions and stories can be absorbed by the next generation, which in turn shapes their interpretation of people and events.

Ganef features not only beautiful cinematography which immerses us into Ruthie’s world, but also exceptional acting from the young Izabella Dziewanska who plays her. 

This live action short film has been selected for more than 30 film festivals worldwide including the Oscar-qualifying HollyShorts, LA Shorts, Chicago International Children’s Festival and Tirana International Film Festivals.

Regina Mahmoud


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