Live Action Short Film Oscar Contender by Academy Winner Kim Magnusson STENFONEN is a fantastic film that highlights the impact parents have on their children

Starring Caspar Phillipson (Mission Impossible), Jesper Christensen (Spectre), Lars Ranthe  (Another Round) Louis Næss- Schmidt (The Chestnut Man) and Joachim Fjelstrup (Ride Upon the Storm) and Patrica Shumman (Ride Upon the Storm)

This a heart breaking film shows how dis-encouragement from an authoritative member of family like your father or mother can really affect your outcome in life. Nicolaj Kopernikus and Kim Magnusson’s Stenofonen follows the story of Jorn who aspires to be a musician, his passion is the violin, he is set to play for his friends at summer camp however he is met with disappointment just as he leaves. His father disapproves of his musical talent and is constantly putting him down. Whilst away at camp he creates a Stenofonen which is a xylophone made with stones. His fathers harsh words stay with Jorn even when he’s offered a radio interview to show off his creative talent.

This fantastic film that highlights the impact parents have on their children, how it affects their up bringing, their confidence, self esteem their belief in themselves. You can really see how the lead, Jorn feels about himself as an adult constantly saying his talent for musical creation is “stupid” and nothing special, it almost goes unheard even when people tell him its amazing. I do love the ending, it’s very heart warming but also very sad at the same time, it seems like he has lived his entire life wanting to play music but never having the confidence to do it! He lost all his confidence and wasted his talent by keeping it to himself. 

Stenofonen is a film that will take you through the motions, it is heartwarming and heart breaking at the same time, it is definitely a film to add to your watch list and a strong Oscar Contender for 2022.

Regina Mahmoud


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