Luke Benward displays his directing charisma in the Oscar worthy contender BOYS

Boys explores the story of two young friends, one coming from an elite household the other coming from somewhat a broken home who are playing in the desert when fun and games takes a very dark turn. In the opening of the trailer, you can see Cameron Crovetti (“Big Little Lies”) sitting in a bathtub streaked with blood, leading the audience to wonder what happened. Boys tackles the topic of, children, parenting, upbringing, and guns.

The film stars Cameron Crovetti “Big Little Lies”, August Maturo “Girl Meets World”, Jules Willcox “Dirty John”, Bart Johnson “Little Women” and Scott Reeves “The Young and The Restless”.

This is Luke Benward and Ariel Winters debut film with Benward directing and Winters producing.  Luke made his acting debut when cast opposite Hollywood legend Mel Gibson in “We Were Soldiers” before continuing this upward trajectory starring in “Dumplin” opposite Jennifer Anniston and Dove Cameron. Meanwhile Winters has been working equally hard since the age of 4 starring in adverts, she is best known for her role as Alex Dunphy from Modern Family. 

The two young leads Cameron Crovetti and August Maturo (“Girl Meets World”) have depicted their characters masterfully, you can see the innocence in both. This enigmatic film touches on two important topics, the the loss of innocence and the dehumanization of elitism.

Boys is a film you will definitely not want to miss, it is charismatic, filled with emotion and heightened drama. We hope this film gets the traction it so truly deserves, Luke Benward displays his directing charisma in this Oscar worthy contender.

Regina Mahmood, Film and TV Business


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