EDICIUS director Uzo Oleh is a cinematic genius

Written and Directed by the award-winning filmmaker and photographer Uzo Oleh, EDICIUS explores the story of Jason (Michael Socha – from television’s Chernobyl) a lawyer who has always adopted shortcuts rather than the latter, however he finds himself in over his head with a client who seems to be more a foe than a friend.

Uzo Oleh has worked with some of the biggest names in film, fashion and entertainment. He has collaborated with a diverse range of renowned talent, including Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne and Idris Elba, as well as directing commercials for huge global brands. Uzo’s work has been exhibited around the world and featured in major publications, including Vogue and I-D Magazine. 

With his signature style, Uzo’s work has a universal appeal, with every project being a stunning piece of emotive art. His ability to effortlessly marry raw emotion with visual elegance can instantly be seen in his cinematic work. Uzo’s one minute debut short film won at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival. 

Uzo Oleh has a keen eye for style, whilst simultaneously being able to depict emotion and vulnerability which is never easily portrayed by a male figure, as raw emotion does not always go hand in glove with masculinity. However under Uzo’s expert direction Jason (Michael Socha) really depicts the true vulnerability and fear in his character. 

Through the dark tones in this thriller, Uzo shares with his audience a feel for the deep torment going on in Jason’s mind and life, you can feel the tension, hold and threat this client has over him. The Jason we meet from the future although still tormented seems more at peace with his truth having seen the positive outcome he so desperately wants. 

Uzo Oleh is cinematic genius and Edicius is a true Oscar and BAFTA Contender!

Edicius will play at Raindance Film Festival, Norwich Film Festival and SCI-FI Film Festival London, and has qualified for Oscar consideration. This dark, thought provoking thriller is not one to miss! Uzo Oleh is cinematic genius and Edicius is a true Oscar and BAFTA Contender!

Margaret Brown


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