Souls of Totality: Breathtaking story about two souls coming together

Filmed during an actual solar eclipse and winner of a numerous amount of awards such as Most Popular Film at Rhode Island International Film Festival and Best Grand Jury Prize at Hollyshorts film festival, Souls of Totality is honestly a breath of fresh air. This film has every chance in the world to walk away with an Academy Award.

Director Richard Raymond takes us on a magical journey with Lady 18 and Guy 3 who are a couple who both learn the true definition of sacrifice when they have to find a way to be together before being faced with a looming moment which can change both of their lives forever.

Emmy Award Winner Tatiana Maslany whose credits include Orphan Black, Stronger and Woman plays Lady 18 and Tom Cullen who is notoriously known for his roles in Downtown Abbey and Nightfall plays Guy 3. Their chemistry is electrifying on screen. They both bounce off of each other and work extremely well to take you on an emotional roller-coaster. You find your heart beating to the same rhythm as theirs as you root for them and shed a tear, especially when they stare into each other’s eyes and a share an intimate moment for the last time!

Apart from the impressive acting, the cinematography is ultimately what brought Richard’s dream alive. The clever use of different camera techniques and the measured times the camera focuses on something before moving onto something else adds to the intensity in certain scenes between Guy 3 and Lady 18. The location of where the film was filmed is absolutely beautiful, so beautiful and natural, just like the natural souls of Guy 3 and Lady 18 coming together.

It is such a romantic love story, one you can watch over and over again. We are excited to see what Richard Raymond’s upcoming projects are. This film has one thing other films hasn’t, an actual solar eclipse. This film has DEFINITELY got our vote for the Oscars. Steven Spielberg better watch out!

SOULS OF TOTALITY – Trailer from Richard Raymond on Vimeo.


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