Jake Nielsen’s musical drama ‘On Hold’ wins the Oscar-qualifying award at Flickerfest

Director Jake Nielsen’s On Hold tackles the subject of following your dreams and won an Oscar-qualifying award at the very first festival it entered. The film stars Madeline Jones (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) and Jo Turner (All Saints).

A short film-musical about the choice between following your dreams, and making next week’s rent.

Jake Nielsen is a Composer, Writer, and Director for stage and screen. His debut musical, The Atheist’s Guide to the Galaxy, with co-writer Matthew Predny, won the Audience Choice at the Sydney Fringe Festival (2012). His musical short film Did I Tell You ‘Bout Jasper? won the Audience Choice at the World of Women’s Cinema Festival (2015) and was an official selection at the Byron Bay International Film Festival, where he was nominated for ‘Young Australian Film- Maker of the Year’ (2015). Jake co-wrote and directed the short film musical On Hold.

The film also stars Ali Aitken (Macbeth), Julian Ramundi (Much Ado About Nothing), Josephine Starte (Trade), Madeline Clouston (The Atheist’s Guide to the Galaxy), Sean Perez (Rake) and Veronica Clavijo.

The beautiful cinematography was created by Jack McAvoy, the music was composed by Jake Nielsen and Matt Predney, who also was the films, musical director. The film was co-produced by Alicia Easaw-Mamutil, Tom Montefiore and Grace Rein.

This magical film won the won the Academy® Accredited Virgin Australia Award for Best Australian Short Film at Flickerfest and was a finalist in the Dendy awards at the Sydney Film Festival.


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