Film Business Early 2023 BAFTA predictions for Best British Short

We have to wait until January for the BAFTA longlist but we are going all out with out predictions for the 2023 BAFTA nominees! These are all beautiful British films that deserve a place on the 2023 BAFTA nominations list!

The Out directed by Harry Brandrick, starring BAFTA winner Allan Mustafa

The Out follows Liam, a thirty-five-year-old recovering heroin addict, as he looks after his young daughter for the first time since being out of prison and getting clean. These 24 hours see Liam piecing together the fragments of his life after prison and his complicated journey to recovery.

Look at Me directed by Sally Potter, starring Chris Rock and Javier Bardem

A fundraising gala becomes the arena for a struggle between two men; one, the gala director (Chris Rock) and the other, a failing rock drummer (Javier Bardem). As their battle for expression and control escalates, against a relentless rhythmic backdrop (featuring tap dancer Savion Glover) their public and private selves explosively collide.

Goodnight Henry directed by Isher Sahota, starring Sharon Rooney and Joseph Marcell

When the Prime Minister dies in scandalous circumstances, Mr Pageant – his closest advisor – must salvage the country’s free trade deal with the visiting French ambassador whilst limiting the damage a chambermaid may cause to the country’s reputation.

A Letter to Black Men directed by Kiosa Sukami

Kevin succumbs to a life of crime after the loss of his father. On the day of Kevin’s gang initiation, Black is released from prison. He attempts to rekindle the relationship with Kevin and his sister, turned legal guardian, Kelsie. Although Kelsie disapproves of Black’s criminal history with their late father, Black ultimately goes the distance to prove himself a worthy father figure to Kevin.

Fireworks directed by Paul J. Franklin, starring starring Charlotte Riley and Denise Gough

With an MI6 operation underway on an active target the other side of the world, London-based Ops Leader GILLIAN LYE and her team are forced to make tough decisions. State of the art virtual production technology brings to life the blurred images on the MI6 screens, and we see the real, innocent people who may become collateral damage.

Wildcard – Wednesday’s Child directed by Laura O’Shea

​Marie faces her first day on the job as a Social Care worker. Despite her optimism, a house call to a family in crisis quickly brings her down to reality.


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