OSCAR DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM BAREFOOT EMPRESS – Age does not hold back progression; you are as old as you want to be

A film review by: Sonya McCloud

BAREFOOT EMPRESS is a wonderful heart-warming film. How can anyone watch this film and not get inspired or well up with emotion and just endlessly clap at the achievement of Karthyayani Amma, she is ninety-six years young and went to primary school to learn to read and write, just penning this is an overwhelming experience.

BAREFOOT EMPRESS is a wonderful heart-warming film

Director Vikas Khanna has achieved a remarkable feat and has brought to the forefront through Karthyayani Amma, women’s rights in India and the message that age is not a barrier to achieve a dream; from obscurity to receiving an award from the president of India, says it all really!

Age is not a barrier to achieve a dream

Omee Ganatra’s cinematography beautifully complements the storyline, the vivid colours and the use of slow motion lifts the film to the next level.

Music compilation by Raashi Kulkarni and Alana Da Fonseca is subtle and follows the ebb and flow of Amma’s journey very well.

BAREFOOT EMPRESS is produced by Oscar Nominee and talented filmmaker Doug Roland (Feeling Through) and Executive Produced by Dr. Deepak Chopra. This film should bag a well deserved Oscar nomination as it is one of the stand out documentary short subject films in contention this year!


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