UK RELEASE – Sean Cronin’s GIVE THEM WINGS starring Daniel Watson and Toyah Wilcox premieres in Leicester Square on July 28th ahead of its 1st of August Release

The film stars newcomer Daniel Watson as Paul Hodgson (Daniel took the Best Actor Award at ‘The Richard Harris International Film Festival’) for his incredible performance as disabled Paul Hodgson.  GIVE THEM WINGS also stars music legend Toyah Willcox (Quadrophenia, The Tempest), Bill Fellows (Broadchurch, Downton Abbey).  

The film documents the true story of severely disabled football fan Paul Hodgson. The premiere is set later this month on the 28th of May July at 6:30 pm at the VUE Cinema in Leicester Square with a host of stars and industry professionals attending. 

The premiere runs in partnership with Meningitis Now, raising money and awareness for the charity.

GIVE THEM WINGS is released on all major platforms on the 1st of August 2022 in the UK, with US and worldwide dates to follow.
GIVE THEM WINGS is directed by unlikely super-villain actor Sean Cronin although has Cronin played the villain in ‘James Bond’, ‘Fantastic Beasts’, ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ and over 80 other films he has directed true life human interest stories like WW1 movie ‘Eleven’ and ‘An Unfortunate Woman’ and now GIVE THEM WINGS which celebrates life of severely disabled Darlington FC fan Paul Hodgson and is an adaptation of his award-winning autobiography ‘Flipper’s Side’.

Paul was diagnosed with childhood meningitis aged just ten months old and his parents were told he would never move or speak. Paul, now 57 years old, has survived to become an award-winning novelist, film producer, and screenwriter. ‘Give Them Wings’ is Paul’s incredible journey to acceptance. 

The film, set in a much less tolerant 1989, tells the story of Paul’s heart-breaking journey to acceptance and follows in the footsteps of ‘My Left Foot’, ‘Billy Elliot’ and the beautiful French film ‘Untouchable’.

Sean Cronin said, GIVE THEM WINGS is a hugely important film that tackles discrimination of the disabled and turns it on its head, a film that teaches mankind that we must accept people for ‘who they are’ and not what they ‘appear to be’.  I was hugely honoured to have been chosen to bring Paul’s incredible story to the big screen”.

‘Give Them Wings’ OFFICIAL trailer 2022


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