BAFTA 2022 – Ross White and Tom Berkley’s ROY starring David Bradley is the glimmer of hope we all need

Roy follows the story of a lonely widower played by David Bradley (After Life) who is deprived of human interaction. He spends his days going through the phone book cold calling strangers in hopes to have a brief moment of companionship. We as humans thrive off interaction, meeting people on a daily basis whether it be a brief conversation whilst you buy a coffee or whether you’re apologising for accidentally bumping into someone it all adds to the experience of being present and seen. This film highlights our darkest fears of loneliness. 

Roy is the glimmer of hope we all need and is a spectacular directional debut for co-writer/directors Ross White and Tom Berkley. The simple story line has such a deep routed message that would touch anyone’s heart. Roy is emotional and heart warming.

David Bradley who plays Roy did a phenomenal job bringing this character to life, you feel every inch of what he’s feeling, it made me look into my own future in a very self-reflective way, will I be filled with despair and loneliness as much as Roy? Bradley who is better known for his role as Argus Filch in the Harry Potter Series of films is a tremendous actor whose refined skills shine through his work. White and Berkley did a remarkable job directing, and it is clearly seen by Bradley’s sensational performance. 

The film is produced by Academy Award Winner Chris Overton’s Slick Films, it also stars Academy Award Winner Rachel Shenton

This film will go far; the potential Roy holds is unmatched! This remarkable film has been longlisted for a BAFTA and it certainly deserves to win! If you have the opportunity to watch this breathtaking short, you won’t be disappointed. 

Regina Mahmood, Film Business


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