For Your Consideration Review: ‘It successfully captures the reality we live in.’

In the wake of the #MeToo and BLM movements, the world is scrambling to prove how ‘woke’ it is in the year 2020. To be relevant in 2020, storytelling has taken a sharp turn into pointed and purposeful play into the world of the marginalized. Poppy Gordon, founder of Feral NYC and an emerging promising New York Filmmaker, has made her 2020 debut with a satirical short film that pokes fun at the film industry.

Poppy’s debut film, ‘For your Consideration’ premiered at Cinequest on March 7th and is set to appear in more film festivals. Her film takes place in the bright, glossy world of influencers who decide on a whim to create a film for the purpose of winning an Oscar. This endgame influences strongly the decisions made during their production meeting. The tension of the meeting is underscored with textured commentary on the disingenuous storytelling, cultural appropriation hidden behind a token minority team member added to the mix last minute, and the causal misuse of movements to give their story relevance.

The film is shot at a fast-paced and brisk pace, set by the whims of these influencers as they discuss what voice they must repurpose to best reach their goals. The hidden, but yet obviously in your face, subtext shines through with each sarcastic, insincere idea that these girls come up with. The film works on a deeper level, showing the juxtaposition of these privileged ‘woke’ storytellers, against the reality of the bleak story they are repurposing. Additional scenes are cleverly inserted during their discussion held in a bustling, trendy café. Contrasted greatly with the picturesque, bright primary colors of the meeting, are the dark, bleak outlook of their appropriated protagonist.

In trying to make a tongue-in-cheek satire on the ludicrousness of staying relevant, through her own honest observation, Poppy Gordon has successfully captured the reality of the narrative in which we all live.


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