FILM REVIEW – Missing a Note – A touching and heartfelt film

In her directorial debut Beth Moran shines the light on dementia in her heartfelt short, Missing a Note. Inspired by her own grandfather who suffered from the condition, Moran tells the story of young singer Molly Groves.

In an excellent performance from Darcy Jacobs as Molly, the aspiring singer is fixated on performing well for opera legend John O’Connell and receiving a good scholarship report.

After a nervous performance Molly learns she might have a second chance at success due to John’s diminishing short-term memory. Elaine Paige OBE gives a touching performance as John’s wife, illustrating how dementia affects not only the sufferer but the friends and family too.

A touching and heartfelt film, Moran conveys a pertinent message about living with dementia and the impact it carries in Missing a Note.

Jessica Harman


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