FILM REVIEW – Sin Cielo – A breathtaking film with an important message

Based on true stories, Sin Cielo pulls back the curtain on an epidemic of abduction and sex trafficking of women in Mexico. Director Jianna Maarten illustrates a story of innocent love with captivating watercolor skies, beneath which lays town haunted by its missing girls and guarded by an ominous militia.

As youngsters Memo (David Gurrola) and Delia (David Gurrola) navigate the courtship of a first crush, guarded by over protective families, their awkward encounters are entertainingly relatable.

The teens performances are nothing short of touching, paired with the perfectly fumbling script, their innocent smiles and childish glee are enough to make you nostalgic for youth and the highs of young love.

Scenes of sweet encounters blend seamlessly into shady situations where Memo receives payment from older men. Maarten’s rich script depicts how easy it is for a young boy to become involved in gang activity, as a means of providing for his family.

Tension remains ripe throughout; the witty banter from Memo and his friends is often a welcome reprieve but does not detract from the very real issues at stake. What culminates is a pertinent, beautifully crafted story of importance, which leaves you questioning why isn’t more being done?

Sin Cielo is a breathtaking film with outstanding direction from Jianna Maarteen, a definite Oscar contender! If you get a chance to watch this film, run to the theatre as fast as you can.

Jessica Harman



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