Kristian Håskjold’s live-action short A Worthy Man focuses on the sensitive topics of Mental Health and Loneliness

Kristian Haskjold’s A Worthy Man shares the story of a family man who feels invisible. This powerful short has screened at prestigious film festivals such as Odense International Film Festival and Palm Springs International ShortFest. The film stars Marina Bouras (The Idiots) and Troels Lyby (Shake It).

A growing depression hurls Erik into a tailspin, which in the end culminates in a desperate cry for help.

Kristian Håskjold is an award-winning director whose four short films have screened at more than 70 film festivals. One of those films, Forever Now, won 12 awards, including the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Short at SXSW in 2017. A Worthy Man has won 5 awards so far, such as the Jury Award for Best European Short Film at Leuven International Short Film Festival 2018, which helped it make the long list for the European Film Awards 2019, leading it to qualify for the 2020 Academy Awards. His films are usually inspired by personal experiences or by the people who surround him, as he is extremely passionate about telling stories that have a personal touch.

Producer Caroline Steenberg Dam is a Copenhagen based Danish producer who founded the production company Firebrand Productions in 2015. Her productions have received recognition both nationally and internationally, winning awards all around the world. One of her shorts, Real Strength, won the Best Short Film Award at Giffoni Film Festival in 2016 and recently, she collaborated with Kristian Haskjold on the film A Worthy Man.

Just some of the awards this film has received include the Vimeo Staff Pick Award at Odense International Film Festival, the Jury Award for Best Student Film at Tirana International Film Festival and The Capricci & Kisstudio Prize at Poitiers Film Festival.

The film stars Marina Bouras whose notable credits include The Idiots and Troels Lyby who starred in Shake It. Rasmus Hasle Jorgensen created the stunning cinematography and the music was composed by Jesper Ankarfeldt, who composed music for a Netflix series called Ares, which will be airing in 2020.



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