Claire Edmondson’s ‘Exit’ starring Maria Bello tackles the raw subject of assisted suicide and will screen at Palm Springs International ShortFest

Award-winning Director Claire Edmondson’s female-led drama EXIT stars Maria Bello (NCIS/Goliath) and Natasha Bassett (Camp/Rake), this important film follows a woman with a terminal illness who has made a life-changing decision. Exit premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, went on to win the “Most Promising Director Award” at the Vancouver International Film Festival and will now screen at the prestigious Palm Springs International ShortFest.

Exit captures a single day in the life of a woman confronting the consequences of an irreversible decision. An emotional exploration of rage, fear, and acceptance anchor the story and are made all the more poignant as the world around her remains serene.

Claire Edmondson broke into the commercial world with the film she wrote and directed for Everlast, “I’m A Boxer.” Its cinematic vision, immersive tone and eloquent call for equality was groundbreaking for the time and amplified her voice as a filmmaker. Adweek, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post featured the film, with Shots declaring her the “New Director To Watch.” She has since directed commercials for brands like Samsung, Dove, Bayer, Kotex, Lo Loestrin, Carefree and Viagra to name a few, while her Special K “Own It” shortlisted at the 2016 Young Director Award at the Cannes Lions. In 2014 she was invited to the Tribeca Film Festival as a part of the NOW program which showcases up and coming directors. Claire is represented for Film and TV by Nate Matteson at Grandview Management. Commercial representation is by Danielle Hinde at Doomsday Entertainment for the US, Asymetric Films in Canada, and Bandits for the European market.

Exit is executively-produced by Mario Bello, cinematography by Catherine Lutes and the minimal score by Damian Taylor.

This topical film screens at Palm Springs on at June 22nd at 3:15pm.

Exit — Short Film Trailer from Claire Edmondson on Vimeo.


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