Jay K. Raja’s period drama The Bumbry Encounter which shares the story of a mixed-race couple selected for Palm Springs International ShortFest

Writer/Director Jay K. Raja’s The Bumbry Encounter is set in 1961 and shares the story of a mixed-race couple who appear to have encountered a UFO. This topical film will receive its California premiere at Palm Springs International ShortFest. The film stars Lauren McFall (Superlosers), Skipper Elekwachi (Unusual Suspects) and Ross Turner (Th1rteen R3asons Why).

Jackie and Terry Bumbry are a mixed-race couple who have a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky while driving near Mount Shasta. They report their experience to local law enforcement, who bring in a psychologist to assess the situation but as Jackie tells her story to the doctor she comes to realize that there may be ulterior motives at play.

Since he started writing short stories as a boy, Director Jay K. Raja has been in pursuit of the types of tales that are untold and forgotten. Following a childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduating from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Television, he launched a career of writing and directing films, commercials, and music videos. Along with producing partner Roth Rind, Raja has focused his efforts on genre pictures, using them as a platform to question social norms and dive into interpersonal conflicts.

Roth Rind, a producer and director based in California, knows nothing else except for his passion for the film medium. Ever since he was 11 years old making claymation movies on his father’s Hi8mm camera, Roth has been seeing life through the lens. Working alongside his directing and producing partner Jay K. Raja, Roth has only deepened his love for the arts and film by pushing beyond boundaries and disregarding limits.

The stunning cinematography was created by Jerome Stolly, the beautiful music by Ali Helnwein and the production design by Micah Embry. Just some of the festivals The Bumbry Encounter has been selected for include the Cinequest Film and VR Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, Boston SciFi Film Fest and was a finalist at the MisCon International Short Film Festival.

The Bumbry Encounter screens at Palm Springs on June 19th at 7:30pm


“The Bumbry Encounter” – Trailer from Roth Rind on Vimeo.


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