Two Balloons: The Ultimate Love Story

When was the last time you watched a film that made you feel at peace? Had you smiling from ear-to-ear HOURS after the film has finished? Film and Television Business has two words for you: Two Balloons!

Two Balloons which was directed by the incredibly talented Mark Smith tells the most beautiful love story between two lemurs who will stop at nothing to be together, even when happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.

From the beginning to the end, you are taken on a journey where you find yourself rooting for these two lemurs. The beautiful cinematography resembles something you see in Disney films and the musical numbers you hear whilst you watch these two lemurs reunite revokes EVERY SINGLE EMOTION out of you.

We challenge you to watch this with tearing up. This is definitely walking away with an Academy Award. We will be writing a petition if it doesn’t.

Two Balloons (2017) Trailer from Mark Smith on Vimeo.


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