Time Traveller – A touching and beautiful story about a father and sons bond

It is not flesh and blood but the heart that makes fathers and sons, this important relationship is the central theme to Steve Kenny’s magical short film Time Traveller.

The film stars Newcomer Tom Doran, who plays Martin, a ‘Back To The Future’ obsessed boy who strives to finish building his own DeLorean replica. This young Irish Traveler* boy fights to finish his car before the family are evicted from the site in which they live. The lead actors impeccably portray a beautiful father (Barry Ward) and son relationship. Not only do these two have a strong bond, the father helps encourages his young son’s creativity in spite of the difficult circumstances they find themselves in. Kenny beautifully directs this must see film, ensuring the actors steal our attention from the moment they enter the screen.

Steve Kenny beautifully directs this must see film

The film is produced by Collie McCarthy (Earthly Encounters, Love Pool) and has been winning an abundance of film festival awards. Having qualified to be considered for an Academy award, this film deserves to receive an Oscar nod.

We fully recommend you watch this beautiful short and keep an eye on both the talented director Steve Kenny and up and coming producer Collie McCarthy’s forthcoming work.

Time Traveller – HD Trailer from Forty Foot Pictures on Vimeo.

* Traveler’s are a often a traditional tight knit community who can live in caravan’s on specific sites, but can also move from place to place or live in houses.





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