Rakan Mayasi’s award winning film Bonboné touches on the issue of sperm smuggling out of Israeli Jails

Selected for over seventy film festivals

Writer and Director Rakan Mayasi’s Palestinian film has been selected for over seventy high profile film festivals around the world. Just some of the festivals that this topical film has won awards at include Cork Film Festival, North Carolina Film Awards, the Moscow Film festival and more. 

A Palestinian couple share a desire to have a child but are separated by bars as the husband is serving time in prison.  Can they devise a plan to fulfil their dreams with such a huge obstacle in their way?

Rakan Mayasi studied Cinema, Theatre and Psychology in Lebanon and then received intense film training with Abbas Kiarostami in South Korea at the Asian Film Academy. He has written and directed three independent short films and his previous short Roubama was selected for Locarno Film Festival. His latest film Bonboné had its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. Rakan is currently writing the script of his first feature film.

Producer Koussay Hamzeh has worked extensively as a line producer and executive producer on several films. Alongside Rakan Mayasi he founded the Groundglass235 collective. Hamzeh co-produced, Roubama and Sea Sonata and as an executive producer, the feature films, Stray Bullet by Georges El Hachem starring Nadine Labaki and The Day I Lost My Shadow a feature debut by Soudade Kaadan. 

Bonboné will be distributed by Salaud Morisset.


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