Daryne Joshua’s Ellen: The Story Of Ellen Pakkies, a film that will change your life

Ellen: The Story Of Ellen Pakkies is a feature film, which follows the true story of a South African Mother who kills her Tik addicted son Abbie in 2007. Ellen tries all the options in the world to try and help her son get help. When everything fails, she finds herself at wit’s end and makes a decision that will not only affect Abie but her too.

This film is mind-blowing. It uncovers all the necessary details to the story, showing you what made Adam start taking Tik in the first place, the horrors Ellen experienced as a child and again in her adult life and so much more. Most importantly, it shows you the destructive effects of Tik; how it really changes a person’s behavior until they become unrecognizable to the ones that love them.

When you watch this film, you realize that Ellen isn’t an evil, malicious person.  You start to understand why she did what she did. She was a mother who loved her son but unfortunately, she couldn’t help him. People in her community and all over the world have labelled her a murderer whereas other people have praised her and emphasized with her, as her story shows what parents go through when their child is addicted to drugs. All of the actors deliver incredible performances; all of your emotions will hit you all at once.

A phenomenal piece of art and a film that will change your life.


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