Helen O’Hanlon’s ‘Mirette’ is a magical one of a kind film

Mirette is a magical film that has the feel of a fairy tale. The film has a magical stellar cast of well known faces and a young starlet Dixie Egerickx, who is destined for great things. The female director Helen O’Hanlon guides the cast to tell an interesting tale of days gone by and create a magical film that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The excellent direction ensures you get lost in this fantasy world of fascinating characters and a little girl who has the desire to walk the wire.

Mirette stars BAFTA award winner Miriam Margolyes, OSCAR nominee & TONY winner Tom Conti, and rising stars Dixie Egerickx, Jean-Marc Desmond and Bebe Cave.

Director Helen O’Hanlon’s charming film Mirette marks the 250th anniversary of the Circus. For the movie the young star Dixie Egerickx learned to wire walk at the National Centre for Circus Arts in Hoxton, she was discovered by Spielberg’s casting directors and her screen debut was in Churchill’s Secret alongside Michael Gambon.

250 years ago, on an abandoned patch of land near London’s Waterloo, showman, entrepreneur and equestrian rider Philip Astley drew out a circle on the ground and filled it with astounding physical acts. This spectacle was the world’s very first circus.

Writer and Director Helen O’Hanlon’s debut film How to be a Villain won a number of awards, including Best Director at the Oscar-qualifying Bermuda International Film Festival and The Forry Ackerman Award for Imagination in Film at the inaugural Silver Scream Film Festival. She has a number of exciting titles in development, including a New York Times Bestseller. In the meantime, she is originating a new travel show format with UK comedy legend, Vic Reeves and is developing the feature version of Mirette.

Mirette Trailer from Helen O’Hanlon on Vimeo.

Mirette brings Emily Arnold McCully’s award-winning book Mirette on the High Wire to life. Mirette is the story of a plucky young girl, whose unexpected encounter with a fabled wirewalker changes both of their lives.

This delightful film will play at Tribeca Film Festival in April and Nashville International Film Festival in May.



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