Only 19 and a film at Cannes!

At only 19 this talented young female director has already achieved so much. Florence Winter-Hill is a British Award-Winning Director who at the tender age of 16, was selected by the National Film & Television School and BFI as one of ‘the most talented filmmakers in the country’. Her debut film Afterlife won multiple awards and screened at BAFTA-qualifying film festivals including ASFF. Her second film Stitch was praised by Tom Hooper (The Danish Girl) and Rian Johnson (Star Wars VIII, The Last Jedi), and at only 18 she worked on Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi as a VFX Production Assistant, Jungle Book and The Nutcracker at Oscar-winning Double Negative. Winter-Hill created Elle to challenge societies views on young children with big creative dreams and a make a film with a young fearless female protagonist.

ELLE – Short Film (Official Trailer) from Florence Winter Hill on Vimeo.

Director Florence Winter Hill may only be 19, but she is already making waves in the film world. This must see film was created by a young crew and shares a world where arts subjects are being neglected in the education system. Elle stars Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables) and Byrony Afferson (House of Anubis), and has already been selected for four high profile film festivals including San Francisco International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

This is the story of a young girl struggling to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer where creativity is forgotten. With a sudden diagnosis of memory loss, she must fight for her dream.

ELLE aims to challenge societies views on young children with big creative dreams. The film highlights the issues in the UK’s education system neglecting arts and cutting it out of the school curriculum, and the increasing number of historically important arts venues and communities forced to be shut or torn down to make room for flats and offices.

James Lane and Ed McGovern head Indigo Productions, the production behind Elle. The company was created in 2016 in order to bring together a wide range of young actors, directors, technicians, designers and other creatives looking to move to a professional level of production. Indigo has produced short films, sketch comedy, drama, spoken word poetry, festivals and music events. So far in 2018, they have produced a short film Poppycock shot in South West Scotland with a cast and crew of 19 and produced a 3 day long feminist arts festival with over 30 different performers. The entire crew on this Elle were between 19 and 22.

Elle’s young starlet Isabelle Allen rose to fame when she starred opposite Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway in Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables. 

Elle will screen at San Francisco International Film Festival in April, CineYouth Film Festival in May, Cannes Film Festival in May and the London Independent Film Festival in April.


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