Alika Maikau’s Moloka’i Bound “an emotional redemption film”

Alika Maikau’s Moloka’i Bound recalls the tense relationship between a father and his son as his past actions and stint in prison damaged the bond between the two. In the infancy of the film, the Hawaiian short has received great praise; among its accolades are the Best Short Narrative at LA Skins Fest, Best Screenplay at Discover  Film London, Best Made-in Hawai’i Film at the Hawai’i International Film Festival in Honolulu, and Best Short Work at Imagine Native earning an Oscar consideration for the 2021 Academy Awards. Hawaiian filmmaker Alika Maikau and producer-cinematographer Chapin Hall combines talents to create an emotional redemption film. 

Based on the Native Hawaiian inmates of The Saguaro Correctional Center located in Eloy, Arizona, Maikau’s choice of prison thoroughly explains the strain that distance can cause between family members. The conversation between the father-son duo appeared seeping with anger from the young boy, misunderstood, for frustration. His emotions of hurt and longing battled, and here Maikau portrays the delicate bond among familial relationships where one member’s actions result in for the emotional turmoil of another. 

Moloka’i Bound presents a common theme from a different approach where audiences witness the process behind good intentions resulting in awful situations. Parental figures aren’t supposed to make mistakes at their child’s awareness. Two arguing parents, coupled with one involved with the prison system, barred the worst of their personalities to their impressionable child. In an attempt to protect their son, they inadvertently became his greatest disappointments.

It’s challenging to repent for the mistakes made as a father and asking a son for forgiveness who’s endured a broken childhood at his fathers doing. By leaving the snack behind for his father; Maikau planted a seed of hope for reconciliation among the pair– encouraging audiences to realize that when it comes to family, there is rarely a mistake too great to resolve. 

Known for past films Mauka To Makai, overseen by Black Panther Director Joe Robert Cole, Maikau’s brings more Hawaiian inclusion into the film sector, highlighting the challenges natives face, and countering modern Hawaiian stereotypes. This November,  Maikau is set to make an appearance as part of the Hawai’i International jury. Hall has an extensive experience with visual arts studied at the Art Institute of Chicago under sculpture and art history. Hall inherited his talent from his mother a skilled photographer. He later assisted cameraman phenom, Bob Richman, until joining the field of motion picture. Maikau and Hall remain colleagues, as they construct the Moloka’i Bound feature film which will soon be screened in Hagatna, the Guam Internation Film Festival, and the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival.

This is a magical film that will stay with you long after you watch it, a must see and a film that deserves to wings its way all the way to the 2021 Oscars!


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