Gerald Webb’s Stacks hits the comedic nail on the head

Covid 19 has been a strange time in our lives, not being able to hug family or friends, not being able to buy essentials and worrying about the unknown. As a human race when things are difficult we look to humour for comfort and hitting the comedic nail on the head is Gerald Webb’s short film Stacks.

Webb created this short film with an all star cast, including Mark Christopher Lawrence and Emmy® Award Winner Diahnna Nicole Baxter. The film opens up into a tense atmosphere, the late arrival of a business partner, the hot female executive and a meeting with a few little surprises. Being that the film is under 8 minutes we don’t want to give away too much, but can say Stacks is a must see film that will leave you with a big smile. There is no need to wait as you can watch it right here, right now.

Stacks is a must see film that will leave you with a big smile

Webb is a former casting executive for Sharknado 1-3 and Syfy’s Z-Nation. He has appeared in over 100 film and television shows, cast over 150 films, has produced 35+ films and the upcoming series FraXtur, was the American DJ Association’s 1998 nightclub DJ of the year and is the cofounder of DeInstitutionalized Films. While watching the lead up to the Covid-19, Los Angeles Stay at Home mandatory quarantine, Webb quickly penned the screenplay, cast, crewed up and shot STACKS all in a 48 hour window just as Los Angeles and our world were all shutting down due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stacks, was produced by Gerald Webb and associate produced by Mark Christopher Lawrence and Meredith Thomas (A Christmas in Vermont, The Wrong Boy Next Door and creator of FYC Independents).


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