Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera’s Spanish thriller ‘9 steps (9 Pasos)’ achieves international recognition after winning over 130 Awards and being nominated for the Best Fiction Short Film Goya Award

Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera’s suspenseful short film 9 steps shares the story of a man who tries to teach his young son a lesson about masculinity, leading to an unforeseeable result. 9 steps has won over 130 film awards and has been selected to screen at over 300 prestigious film festivals. The film’s awards include Best Short Film Award at Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu and it was nominated for the Best Fiction Short Film Award at the 2019 Goya Awards.

7-year-old Saul just needs 9 steps to show his father that he is a real man. Because real men are noafraid of the dark.

Co-directors Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera are both scriptwriters and producers whose short films have won over 300 awards. Their work focuses on dysfunctional family relationships and social problems, which is why a few of their films such as Sirenito, Mammies & Daddies and A Better Place has been used for years as didactic material in educational centres and universities. Marisa and Moisés collaborated on the series Villa Bresquilla and on the TV movie of the same name, which was produced by Canal9. In 2018, Crespo and Romera premiered 9 steps and it won over 130 awards and nominations including the Méliès d’Argent Award for Best European Short Film and the Goya Nomination for Best Fiction Short Film 2019.

Wally Sanz created the amazing cinematography and Vincente Chust composed the music. The cast includes newcomer child actor Pablo Munoz and Jordi Ballester who notable credits include La Familia Mata, 906090, La forastera and Senyor Retor.

9 steps has over 300 selections to date. Just some of the awards the film has won include Best Short Film Award at Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu, Best Screenplay Award at Festival Iberoamericano de Cine de Huesca, Audience Best Short Film Award at Pietrasanta Film Festival, Best Horror Short Film at  Cinefantasy Sao Paulo International Film Festival and Best Actor Awards for both Pablo Munoz and Jordi Ballester at Dieciminuti International Film Festival and RavenHeart Oslo International Film Festival 2019.

This film will soon be screening at the 34th Brest European Short Film Festival and at the 36th Tehran International Short Film Festival.

9 STEPS: TRAILER from Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera on Vimeo.


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