And the award fo Best Gift Bag of Golden Globe weekend goes to… Nicole Kidman and Nadia Comaneci’s “Gold Meets Golden” Brunch

An awards weekend has many formulaic elements that you can always count on: the Styles, the Glamour, the Wins, the Snubs, the Emotional Speeches and even the Jokes Fell Flat.  But let’s take a moment to talk about my favorite Awards weekend staple- THE GIFT BAGS!!

My pick for this year’s top Gift Bag of the weekend goes to Nicole Kidman and Nadia Comaneci’s “Gold Meets Golden” Brunch event.   This event raised over $50,000 for the Angel City Sports charity, but around 200 lucky party attendees got their hands on this bag, valued at over $650 !

And a closer look at the items inside.  This one is also awesome because it has a wide variety of things from beauty tools and products for Hollywood, to Health & Wellness items that are good for Athletes, plus a few indulgences that are maybe not-so-good for both!    Top if off with some rare limited edition Sports and Hollywood Collectibles and you have the perfect gift bag.

We love dissecting gift bags, so thought I’d share some details of all the items and where you can find them!

1) TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC Pins: These are an incredible gift because they only made 2020 of them, which means these attendees got almost 1/10 of the limited edition run!   Also I found out you can only get them otherwise in actual Tokyo City at the official merchandise shops, not even online.  Value: $120

2) The Spencer Barnes Neck Wand!  Value $89 at

I’d heard of this item before as being used by many Hollywood celebs already.  At first I might have thought it was a gimmick, but at the actual party I saw Olympic legend and ageless beauty Nadia Comaneci trying it out, and she said she could already feel it working!  I bet she could appreciate this with a neck that’s held a lot of gold medals over the years.


3) Golden HUE Awakening Mist  $25 at

Always great to see a product made for the guys.  This one has a really intriguing smell of black pepper, and is quite refreshing.

4) Beats by Dre studio 3 wireless GOLD headphones  Deifiniltey the most expensive item in the bag, but I later found out they only went in the VIP / celebrity and Olympian host bags (See, this is one of the perks of reviewing the bag! J .  I haven’t tried these yet but I hear they are the best wireless phones on the market, and they look very stylish especially while leaving a Golden theme party.

5) Empower Bodycare products CBD topical relief oil and lotion – $29 at

I think this was one of the most “News-Worthy” items in the bag, because I learned that it has CBD oil, which has apparently been recently removed from the Olympic Committee’s list of banned substances!   Probably a perfect place to be handing it out.  I have some lower back pain and I tried this out with almost immediate relief.

6) Coca-Cola official Olympic bottle opener

Of course the title sponsor of the event would want to put something to use on their own signature product.  Love that these are official Olympic Merchandise and learned you can order them online at the Coca-Cola store.


7) Appletinies organic apple pieces with chocolate –

At first when I heard the ingredients for these were dried apples and flavored chocolate I was a little skeptical… but upon trying them they are quite the scrumptous and unique snack.  The bag had white chocolate and orange but I’m excited to try the other flavors especially “Unicorn Purple”!


8) Bulletproof Pack: Brain Octane Oil, Collagen Protein Bar and Sleep Mode Supplement

It’s no wonder Bulletproof was all over this party since they cater to the healthy alternative lifestyle, AND they are a new partner of U.S. Ski & Snowboarding.  I tried their signature ghee-butter coffee inside the party, and even their flavoured Oxygen bar, so I was excited that they offered some of their other plethora of products in the bag.

9) Sprinkles Cupcakes Specialty “Gold Meets Sprinkles” mini cupcake set

Who doesn’t love LA’s famous Sprinkle’s cupcakes.  This was my favorite custom item in the bag as they made a set of 3 mini cupcakes that perfectly fit the “Gold Meets Golden” theme with bow ties on one side and a gold medal on the other!  If they weren’t so good to eat, I’d save them forever.


10) J Vineyards & Winery cuvee 20 sparkling wine bottle

This winery did a great sparkling fountain tower inside the party of about 300 glasses (I bet they were really praying this wasn’t an earthquake tremor day!)   Their wines are actually quite amazing and this was a very generous size bottle to take home!

11) CalyFX CBD pen –

This is something popping up all over California now that CBD is just about everywhere.  These pens are actually really refreshing and when I went to the website I learned they come in a multitude of flavors AND mixes of ingredients that help for any mood or ailment.

12)  “The Points Guy” Golden Passport Holder and Luggage Tags  These were a really nice gift that I will definitely use, they are great quality- the outside almost looks like they were spun with real gold,  and had really nice embossing inside.


13) RITUALS Golden Dao Tea Set

14) Oribe Cote d’Azur Golden Nourishing Hand Creme

15) MyIntent “What’s Your Word” customizable gold medal bracelet and necklace

This was a really neat gift as it looked like a mini gold medal and also served as the main “entry bracelet” for the party.  Once inside, there were stations where you could get your own “whats my word” word engraved, and they would help talk to you about what that word might be.  A great way to start the new year, and I also learned that if you buy more of these later and use keyword ANGEL, a good portion of the sale goes back to Angel City Sports, the charity for this event!

16) BEV Can of Rose Wine

These taste great and when I went to their site I learned that they also are a very “do good” company who also supports women’s rights as a female-owned supplier , so a great company to support!



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