Henry Liu’s heartfelt drama Release selected for LA Shorts International Film Festival

Award winning director Henry Liu’s latest film shares the story of a mother who is struggling to raise her child and is forced to consider giving him up. Just at the beginning of its festival run this wonderful film has already been selected for high profile film festivals including Palm Springs International ShortFest and LA Shorts International Film Festival. Release stars Taiwanese actress Josephine A. Blankstein (Yi Yi) and newcomer Marvin Wang.
Qing Ping supports her 6-year-old son as a Karaoke bar entertainer. One day, her former lover, a Chinese government official suddenly shows up and tells Qing Ping his quick departure to the US, which leaves her with a dilemma: keep their son in China, or let him go.
Henry Liu is a writer/director who started his career by publishing hundreds of short stories in major Chinese magazines and newspapers. He moved to California to pursue his filmmaking aspirations where he obtained an MFA in Film and Television Production from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. He was recently hired as a scriptwriter by a Chinese production company and has just finished 4 feature length screenplays.

Release has been selected for Palm Springs International ShortFest, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Grenoble Short Film Festival in France and it recently won the Honorary Achievement in Directing award at the Independent Cinema Showcase.

Release will screen on July 25th at  2pm at LA Shorts International Film Festival:

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