The Toscars is guaranteed to give you plenty of laugh out very loud belly laughs!

Rarely at Hollywood awards events do the attendees let their hair down.  Sometimes at the after parties nominees get a little drunk to celebrate winning, but most are too conscious to have ‘out and out fun’.  That is where the Toscars comes in, an event that  is now in its 11th year and is guaranteed to give you plenty of laugh out very loud belly laughs and no-one takes themselves seriously.

After the nominees for ‘Best Picture’ are announced by the Oscars, teams have just 3 weeks to make parodies of the Oscar nominated films.  Yes, three weeks, to write the script, cast the film, film, create original music and edit the film! If you have watched the Oscar films, then the parodies become even more hilarious, as you will pick up the jokes and nuances.

Don’t be thinking this event is small, it is full of glamour and pizzazz, with celebrity

presenters, with women (and some men) in beautiful gowns and men in outstanding looking tuxedo’s. After the celebrities arrive and walk the red carpet, guests are ushered into the beautiful theatre to watch the films and enjoy the evening.  Entertainment with dancing, singing ensues and this year the fantastic comedian Lucie Pohl was hosting.  She is such a natural on stage and kept the audience glued from start to finish.

If you get the chance to go to this fantastic event, run there as fast as you can, but make sure you wear waterproof mascara, if you are so inclined, as you may just find it running down your cheek as you cry from laughter!

‘Call Me By Your Maid’ took home four Toscars including ‘Best Film’, Best Whactress, Supporting Whactor and Best Scribbler at the 11th annual Toscars.  The awards were handed out by funny man Rich Fulcher, Wonder Woman, Steve Valentine and Lady Victoria Hervey. Sleepy Hollow’s Janina Gavankar, the first supermodel Janice Dickinson, Heroes star Jimmy Jean Louis and Twilight actress Andrea Gabriel, Irish Beauty Samantha Mumba also handed out the coveted awards.

The Toscar winners

Best Film Call Me By Your Maid ( Richard Rennie )

Best Whactor Scott Kaske Dankest Hour

Best Whactress Deirdre McCourt (Call Me By Your Maid)

Best Supporting Richard Rennie (Call Me By Your Maid)

Best Bang For Buck Dankest Hour Lorraine Wilkinson & Scott Kaske

Best Looking Vito Huizar Dankest Hour

Best Scribbler Richard Rennie Call Me By Your Maid

Best Tune ‘Love Always Finds A Way’ by Alexander Rudd & Sandro Monetti for Lady Boy

Best Cutter  Joe DeOliveira The Shade of Aqua

Best Dictator Craig Robert Young Dankest Hour

Thank you to Adam Beach of Beach Financial Group for checking & verifying


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