Oscar hopeful ‘My Nephew Emmett’ – it is crucial for us to ensure that Emmett’s story can motivate more people to fight against racism

My Nephew Emmett Trailer 2 from Kevin Wilson, Jr. on Vimeo.

We adore Kevin Wilson Jr’s Oscar-shortlisted film ‘My Nephew Emmett’ and are backing it to receive a well deserved Oscar nomination. 
My Nephew Emmett has won the Gold Medal at the 44th Student Academy Awards in the Narrative Domestic Category. Director Kevin Wilson, Jr. is an MFA Candidate in New York University’s Film Program. The film shares the horrific tale of the young African American Emmett Till, who in 1955 was savagely murdered by two white men whilst visiting his uncle Mose Wright in Mississippi. The death of the 14-year-old Emmett has long been recognized as a significant catalyst for the African-American Civil Rights Movement.
After watching this powerfully written film from Wilson, I am shocked by the severity of racist violence in the United States, and I feel outraged by knowing that Emmett’s killers were issued a verdict of “not guilty” since there were few witnesses beside Mose Wright. As the title suggests, this film takes on the perspective of Emmett’s uncle and showcases his emotions vividly on screen. The audience can feel his helplessness and desperation through looking at his brooding eyes.
I couldn’t imagine how much pressure the director bears for telling this tragic story, as people who are intimately connected to this incident are still alive. It must be extremely painful for Emmett’s family to relive the most horrific moments of their lives. Therefore, it is crucial for us to ensure that Emmett’s story can motivate more people to fight against racism and discrimination so that all human beings are born equal in dignity and rights.
Tianyue Li



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